We Now Use The Best Therapeutic Magnetic Pad On The Market – Magnetico, On Our Massage Table!

Magnetico Sleep Pads

To enhance the health benefits of your massage, Reiki or cranial sacral therapy treatment we now use what we believe is the highest quality magnetic pad available, recommended and used by many health professionals, on our massage table! Custom made in the USA, our Magnetico brand magnetic pad was invented and developed by Dean Bonlie D.D.S., a widely accepted authority in the field of bio-magnetism and developer of the experimental, high strength, clinical treatment magnet called the Magnetic Molecular Energizer (MME).

Our Magnetico pad uses hundreds of high-grade, permanent ceramic alloy magnets placed close together, acting as one large magnet, to create a true unipolar magnetic field. Due to magnet strength, number, and placement (under the mattress pad at a distance of 4 inches from the body) this creates a pure unipolar negative magnetic field that passes through the body only in one direction, similar in quality but stronger than the earth’s natural magnetic field.

Personally, I have found the Magnetico Sleep Pad beneficial for chronic insomnia. After meeting Dr. Bonlie at the 2009 Health Freedom Expo in Schaumburg, IL and liking what he had to say, I decided to purchase one. I have been sleeping on it for a year and a half now and my quality of sleep has greatly in improved. I wake up more refreshed and energized than ever before!

All cells are electromagnetic by nature and benefit from the earth’s natural unipolar magnetic field, which in the northern hemisphere is negative and in the southern hemisphere is positive. According to Dr. Bonlie, molecular reactions in the body are more efficient when exposed to an increased, steady-state, pure earth-like unipolar magnetic field; many of the body’s functions can improve, such as oxygen carrying capacity, assimilation of nutrients, manufacture of enzymes, metabolic waste removal, reduction of free radicals, tissue regeneration and, most importantly, healing.

To learn more about the Magnetico magnetic pad and its possible benefits and to read testimonials from customers who have used it check out the Magectico company website at www.MagecticoSleep.com.