Energy Medicine – A Class In Self-Care: January 11th, 2012

Energy Moves - "Tracing figure eights"

Energy Medicine – A Class In Self-Care

Energy Medicine is a selection of self-care techniques that help to move & balance your body’s energies, increase your vitality, strengthen your immune system, ease stress, reduce pain, improve your memory, focus & concentration. In this class you will learn a daily energy routine using the techniques of tapping, holding and massaging acupressure points, tracing meridians, weaving the aura, visualization, affirmations & breath work.

Handouts with instructions & pictures will accompany the class.


  • Pati Starzynski, LMT, RTT, CYT


  • Wednesday, January 11th


  • 6:30 – 8pm


  • One Point Connection, 1915 Allen Dr., Geneva, IL
  • For Map & Directions Click Here


  • $15

To Register or For More Information

  • Call Pati: (630) 618-8896
  • To Email Us Click Here
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