“I was amazed at the experience I had participating in Pati and Carl’s Thai Massage Classes. They thoughtfully presented a vast amount of knowledge and created a wonderful space in which to learn. They were interactive and expressed an interest in each student individually. I greatly enjoyed my experience and continue to enjoy sharing Thai Massage. Thanks!”

Sherryl Perry, Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage Therapist, Brighton, MI

“The Thai Duo, Pati and Carl, give personal and focused attention as teachers. They are adept at simplifying the complicated material, as well as being patient, resourceful and entertaining with their students. And if you are fortunate to take classes in their home, the food is DELICIOUS! Pati is a great cook working with the local produce that Carl brings home from the Farmers Market.”

Tony Yogginni, Yoga Teacher, Thai Yoga Bodyworker, Owner Timber Creek Farms, Yorkville, IL

“Hello my name is Jeremie and today was my first day of the Thai Yoga Body Work class and it was excellent! I had no previous trainning in any sort of massage therapy but feel as though I have learned so much already after one day, can’t wait to see what is next to come!!”

–  Jeremie, South Bend, IN

“My daughter and I took all three levels of Reiki training from Pati, and it was incredibly great.  Pati and Carl are two of the most passionate and knowledgable spiritual people that I have met.”

–  Marianne Cirone, Wellness Coordinator, LivingWell Cancer Resource Center, Geneva, IL

“I started my yoga practice in the fall of 2008. In coming to yoga later in life, I have learned to listen to my body and follows its lead. Pati’s class offers me guidance, and offers the group a healing and energizing presence. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you!”

– Ruth Glen age 63

“Pati is a compassionate, gentle soul whose body knowledge is broad and deep.  She brings her training in dance, massage, and yoga to the mat, offering us a meditative, focused, vigorous practice which is mature in concept and serene in outcome . . .  beautifully essential yoga.”

– Rita C.

“I have been a yoga student with Pati since Spring 2012. My practice has become a very important, valued part of my life. I especially appreciated Pati’s initial instruction. I was taught how to do the postures safely and I have never had a physical problem doing yoga under her guidance. Pati also provides lessons in foundational yoga precepts/teachings that have become important to me as I approach daily life in the suburbs! She is a great teacher and I am so glad I was guided to her!”

–  Deb Vensel


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